After Robo Cops, Robo Cars soon to Hit Dubai’s Streets

After the successful launch of Robo Cops, you will very soon witness Robo Cars moving around the streets of Dubai. These Robo Cars will have a special quality of facial recognition feature and will be paired with companion drones. The Robo Cars will be patrolling the streets of Dubai by the end of this year to help and track criminals or suspects.


The Brigadier of Dubai Police, Mr. Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi said that the O-R3's surveillance tools will be used to identify faces, wanted vehicles and unattended objects. The robot will alert police officers in central command, with data also available via mobile apps.


These little smart cars will be named as O-R3 which will navigate on its own by using its own machine-learning algorithms. However, the policemen will have the access to control the Robo Cars remotely from behind a computer dashboard.



Singapore-based Otsaw Digital claims the car and drone combination to be the first of its type. The Robo Cars are also equipped with thermal imaging and license-plate readers. The company Otsaw Digital also claimed that the vehicles can work 24/7 and can recharge on their own.


Robo Cars will not replace human police officers. These hi-tech cars have been introduced to manage resources and manpower in a much better way. The head of the Dubai police, Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri said in a statement. "Essentially, we aim for streets to be safe and peaceful without heavy police patrol."

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