Samsung Beats Apple as the World Leader in Smartphone Sales

Though Apple had bested Samsung in taking the top spot in the market share in the last quarter, the South Korean mobile manufacturer has returned to rein the smartphone industry all over again.

Sources from the market reveal that Samsung registered a swift 7.6% growth in sales from 18.5% in the last quarter. It now holds a 26.1% share in the market.


The amazing sale of its low-end Galaxy J series helped the South Korean conglomerate to top the list. Apart from Samsung, Huawei is another brand to enroll a development this quarter. However, it is just a small 0.1% growth in the market share from 11.3% in Q4 2016 to 11.4% in Q1 2017.

Samsung is followed by Apple with a 16.9% share of the market. The global tech giant saw a 3.4% decline in the market share from 20.3% in the last quarter. The growth rate of Apple is apparently held back due to the hype about the dispatch of its upcoming iPhone 8.

However, the business stats of Apple is still better compared to last year's figures, which was a result of the dispatch of the limited Red variant edition of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The figures may decline further in the next quarter while the vast majority of its rivals are likely to see an increment.


OPPO, BBK/Vivo, and LG take the rest three spots in the list with 8.1%, 6.2%, and 4.6% sale respectively. LG closes the top 6 list with just 4.6% of the market share. However, it is hoped that the upcoming flagship phones of the brand might change the situation and bring some improvement in the statistics. The immersion of the market appears with the biggest section "Others", which remains at 26.7% of the market.

Lenovo is dropped out of the list with Xiaomi and ZTE taking its spot.

The market contracted by 23% compared with the Q4 2016, from 399.5 million down to 307 million units. Sales could back off further as the expectation for the 10th commemoration iPhone fumes.

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