Samsung Files a Patent for Rollable OLED Display with Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung is back again with some new invention. Yes, the recent patent suggests the same. Letsgo Digital suggest that the South Korean giant files a patent for a rollable OLED display device along with the under display fingerprint sensor.


First, let us see what does it mean by a rollable device? It is a flexible display which can be rolled up. Rollable displays carry many advantages compared to the glass screen. This includes thinner dimensions, better durability, and lightweight. It may take few years of time to get such rollable devices.

However, there are many prototypes that show off these days suggesting the way to innovative technology. We may get the chance to look at these latest developments in CES 2018.

What Samsung patent says about Rollable Device?

According to the patent, there includes a flexible display that surrounds the main body. Samsung OLED display works with magnets that lets the display stick on to the body. The patent further shows different display devices with one holding a square shape and other being cylindrical.


We have already seen LG filing a patent for the rollable display with a cassette. While LG has chosen a cassette with rotating motor, Samsung prefers using magnet support to the display panel.

Samsung New Rollable Display Also Features Fingerprint Sensor

It is not only about the rollable display, but this time Samsung is planning to feature integrated fingerprint Sensor. So, 2018 has many inventions and developments in store, especially from the South Korean company. With the in-display fingerprint sensor, the foldable display panel unlocks just by the finger touch. The patent doesn’t show the complete functionality of the fingerprint sensor.


Previously it was LG and now Samsung is in news with this rollable OLED display. However, it is not clear of how and when this will be implemented. We hope to get more news in the upcoming CES 2018 show.

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