Samsung Foldable Smartphone “Project Valley” Pictures Leaked

As per the latest news, Samsung foldable smartphone “Project Valley” pictures leaked and has created a huge buzz. Samsung and other brands are in news for very long to bring the foldable smartphone in the market. There is much hype created as Samsung has already released a video in which different gadgets with foldable look has appeared. The customers are very excited by looking at those gadgets and anticipating the release of those. Recently there is a prototype of Samsung foldable got leaked but instead of the appreciation, the prototype has got negative reviews as the things look nothing like it was expected from the company.


The leaked pictures of Samsung foldable prototype is nothing but exactly looks like the ZTE Axon M which was released in 2017. The Samsung prototype has a same dual-screen attached together and there is nothing like the foldable screen which was highly expected by Samsung. It is a device packing two screens adjoining smartphone screens.


The good news is that this prototype might never get the chance to release as it is an old design of 2015. The prototype is 3 years old. Samsung tried to attempt this look as a foldable device but soon canceled it. The smartphone was named “Project Valley”. The smartphone has all the old features like a physical home button with a fingerprint scanner. The smartphone has the bottom bezel and a thick heavy body. The pictures were posted on Twitter by MMDJ. He is one of the reliable sources of Samsung leaks. It is also claimed that the device is a canceled Samsung Project V prototype. Project V which is actually known as Project Valley was reportedly Samsung's attempt to create a dual-screen folding smartphone, revealed by SamMobile. This project has belonged dates back to 2015.


The overall look of the smartphone has disappointed the customers as it is nothing like the people have been expecting from Samsung. The foldable smartphone anticipation is high as Samsung news and leaks regarding the bendable screen or foldable screen everyday ignite a new fire.


It can be considered that Samsung is been working on the foldable smartphone since very long and it will bring out the best with all these experiments. Now all the eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy X which is the upcoming 2019 foldable smartphone of Samsung.


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