Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is Expected to Sport Extraordinary Camera Lenses

The South Korean conglomerate is all geared up with their forthcoming phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 and is going to be a massive one.

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Yesterday, some reports published some more details about the dual camera system. Galaxy Note 8 is going to sport a rear dual camera module. It is expected that the phablet will feature an optical 12MP dual-image pixel sensor and a telephoto 13MP sensor will be placed on the back of the device. Both will feature OIS and 2X optical zoom.

This will be the first ever handset from the house of Samsung to feature a dual camera setup. According to sources, Samsung will continue with the dual camera set up in its upcoming flagship devices and will also include in its mid-range smartphones.

The dual camera module costs 1.5 times the amount more which is being spent on a single camera.
The users will also get many additional features so that they are able to capture some amazing photographs. The users will be able to achieve the desired bokeh or blur effect on portraits. This allows a subject in the foreground of a picture to appear fully focused while the background is out of focus, producing the blur.

The dual lens technology also allows smartphones to offer optical zoom as opposed to digital zoom. With the latter, the quality of the picture suffers as you zoom in, and images become pixelated and full of "noise."

We will know more about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, once it releases the next week. It is just a matter of one more week!

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