Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Teases Us With Two New Videos

The South Korean conglomerate has teased us with two new videos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The two videos hint that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be an enormous one.

Samsung has shown us a glimpse of the camera and the S Pen of the Note 8. The first video shows us the optical zoom feature of the Galaxy Note 8's camera, as well as the bokeh effect that can be used while capturing shots. Earlier there were some reports which suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature 2x optical zoom or 3x zoom.


The S Pen is an integral part of the Note series. But it is not often used. Sammy released a video which shows that you can use the S Pen in various ways.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is will allow users to share their drawings made with the S-Pen with just a tap. You just need to wait for two more days, as the Galaxy Note 8 will be released on August 23.

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