Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Mate 11 May Feature Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

While the initial rumors hint that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may not have an in-display fingerprint sensor, but there was no assurance regarding the same. Now, a report from The Korea Herald reveals that the South Korean giant has come up with a solution that suggests the Galaxy Note 9 to adopt under display fingerprint sensor. Few sources claimed that Samsung Display has already created 3 to 4 scanner types for the Samsung Electronics. So, there is every chance that Samsung may try to implement any one of these methods to achieve the innovative feature.


One of the trusted sources says “Samsung show has ready three to four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside the primary display, and both are really considering one of the solutions”

Huawei Mate 11 May Integrate in-display Fingerprint Sensor

Furthermore, it is not just Galaxy Note 9 that is working on this technology. Rumors mill around about the Huawei Mate 11, which is expected to pack in the same tech. It might use the latest Qualcomm ultrasonic method that allows the scanner to work efficiently even in greasy or wet conditions.

Recently, we have seen Vivo device with an in-screen scanner. Initially, it was like Samsung would be the first company to announce in-display fingerprint scanner. But, Vivo took out the credit by launching the smartphone with the in-display scanner. Since the technology that Vivo used isn’t that perfect, Samsung is working on to resolve all those issues using its advanced technology. Moreover, analysts believe that the adding the under-display fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy Note 9 may further require featuring larger battery.


However, nothing is confirmed till now. The reports only claim the possibility of in-display fingerprint sensor into the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Huawei may also follow the same path by implementing the tech in Huawei Mate 11. Both these devices are expected to arrive this year. So, we need to wait a bit to look for the efficient under display fingerprint sensor.

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