Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Review Launch Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Samsung has been on the market very long. Every time Samsung brings products.  This company is very much into R&D and brings out the best devices for its customers. Samsung invests a lot of time and money in the research and that is the main reason that its products are reliable. Moreover, customers love to purchase and there is also an emotional attachment to the brand. Every year Samsung brings its flagships like this Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were the devices launched and now customers are waiting for the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has also many rumors and updates about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 as it is expected to launch with triple rear camera setup.


These are the regular flagships of the Samsung which releases every year but there are some of the huge design experiments Samsung has been doing since very long. It is in the news that Samsung might bring the Samsung Galaxy X next year which is a foldable smartphone. Not only that there are two of the other concept smartphones in the news Samsung Galaxy Wing and Samsung Galaxy Oxygen, both of the smartphones have unique and distinctive style and design which clearly shows expectations from the Samsung to bring out the newest technology. Samsung Galaxy Oxygen is a concept study smartphone but yet there are many chances that it will be seen in the very future. The details of the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen are discussed below.


The smartphone has a very unique and appealing design which also brings out the reflection of some past phones. It has a sliding screen over the body. The smartphone has a sliding screen and beneath that, there is the keyboard. The whole design looks like that it will convert the smartphone into a mini laptop. Like the upper portion is the screen and lower portion is the keyboard. The back has the vertical rear triple camera set up at the corner. The big Samsung logo is written on the back in the vertical form as well. There is a tiny button given on the sides of pushing that button the screen will slide and will prevent from any accidental opening or sliding of the screen.


The smartphone has beautiful two “Royole” displays. The display is called as Royole because it is a very thin layer of the screen covering the keyboard below. This smartphone provides more handy comfort and space to perform certain tasks like emailing, SMS, watching a movie or scrolling Facebook. It has a front features curved display and another regular display underneath. It features a 6.0 inches Full HD 1080×2340 pixels AMOLED panel with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, the screen-to-body ratio of 89.8 percent, the brightness of 520 nits, and pixel density of 411ppi.



There is triple rear camera setup at the back of the smartphone on the sliding screen. The placement of the camera set up is quite interesting as it is not in the center and top of the smartphone back. It is placed on the left side of the sliding screen at the very corner in a vertical manner while the smartphone is in the vertical position. When the smartphone is on horizontal position the camera set up also turn into the horizontal form. This placement helps to use the camera while even using the smartphone vertically or horizontally.  The front camera is also placed in the unique manner as it reveals while the top screen slides from the front and below the screen on the keyboard at the left top corner of the keyboard it is situated while using the smartphone horizontally. The rear camera setup is 16MP+ 16MP+ 16MP. The front camera is also assumed a whole dual set up of 16MP. Both the front and back cameras are integrated inside motorized slider that opens and closes whenever the user opens the camera application.


Fingerprint scanner

Another different thing here is noticeable that the smartphone doesn’t feature with the upcoming ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. The upcoming Galaxy S10 is rumored to have ultrasonic in display fingerprint reader but this Samsung Galaxy Oxygen has the same old button fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen. There is no in-display or rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Bezel-Less sides

The body frame on the sides of the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen is bezel-less. The sides are looking as nonexistence but on the top and below there are bezels. The earphone is placed on the top and the fingerprint reader and the home button is placed below.


QWERTY keyboard

There is a QWERTY keyboard below the sliding top screen. The keyboard is not physically placed on the smartphone. It is a dual screen smartphone and the pictures show the keyboard which is actually displayed only on the screen. The below can also be used for many other purposes as well as like the top screen. The whole idea of two screens set up like this together is to give the smartphone a mini laptop look.

Powerful battery

The smartphone is assumed to be loaded with the super fast battery of 5000 mAh. The back is also important when the smartphone has such high specs and also motorized for the camera and sliding display. The much-needed thing to back up the smartphone is the powerful battery which is installed in the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen.


The processor is expected to be the Octa-core 2.2 GHz, the chipset is the new trending chipset which is Snapdragon 835 SoC.  The GPU is Adreno 630 with the operating system of Android 8.1 Oreo. The storage of the smartphone is 64/128 GB which is further expandable to 512GB. The RAM is the 6GB. The sensors loaded are a proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyro, compass and Fingerprint Sensor. On the connectivity front, the phone includes 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1 LE, GPS, and USB Type-C. It would be available in three different colors Black, Blue and Gold.


Samsung Galaxy Oxygen release date and price in Dubai, UAE

The Samsung Galaxy Oxygen release date in Dubai UAE is not confirmed yet as it is a concept smartphone but in near future may it will be seen in the market. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Oxygen price in Dubai, UAE is also not confirmed as the smartphone is not about to launch anytime soon but it is expected to have premium prices because of its ultra unique design and high specs.

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