Samsung Galaxy S10 To Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor and 3D Sensing Face ID

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus was a huge success. Now, the South Korean giant has already started its work on its next flagship phone which is ought to be Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the latest report, Samsung is teaming up with the popular camera module maker Namuga in order to develop a 3D sensing camera technology. Probably this innovative technology may appear with Samsung Galaxy S10.


Namuga is a supplier of the camera modules to the low-range and mid-range Samsung smartphones. For instance, the camera setup in the Galaxy A smartphone and Galaxy J are supplied by Namuga. Now, this firm is yet to supply the camera module even to the high-end flagship namely Galaxy S10. This handset will be an existing smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, 7nm chipset, 3D sensing Face ID and 5G connectivity. Well, this time it seems that Samsung is even integrating the structured light transmitter and receiver along with front snapper and Proximity Sensor. These are the essential components for the TrueDepth camera setup as in iPhone X. The light sensors collect the depth information from the front camera images to create a 3D map using software algorithms.

With the Apple’s 3D sensing camera into the popular iPhone X, even Samsung is looking forward including the Face ID competitor in its upcoming Samsung smartphones in 2018. Samsung already has facial recognition technology, but it is not that much advanced enough to completely replace the fingerprint scanner. Furthermore, reports even suggest that even the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not have an in-display fingerprint sensor. So, there is every chance that Samsung Galaxy S10 in Dubai will be the one that will be enjoying the fruits of this technology.


While all these specifications are still needed to be affirmed, but industry sources claim that the Samsung is likely to include 3D sensing camera of its own and in-display fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S10. This could be the 10th-anniversary flagship of S series. Now it is quite confusing if Samsung will prefer including notch design in the rumored handset- Samsung Galaxy S10. Well, it is a bit early to discuss all these details. But it is good to know that Samsung is planning to include advanced technology into the upcoming smartphones in 2018. Samsung is even rumored to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in UAE with impressive specs.

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