Samsung Galaxy S7 is Preferred Over iPhone 8: Consumer Reports

The customer is ‘The King’. Any company who fulfills their expectations and wins their confidence will be crowned as the ‘king of the market’. Many a time because of this trust games can change even for giant companies.

In the recent consumer reports, it has been found out that people prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7 over the Apple iPhone 8. This has been confirmed on several factors.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus top the list with a score of 81 out of 100. And the Apple iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S7 share the same spot with 80 points.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The reports favor the Galaxy S7 instead of the latest iPhone 8. The main reason for favoring the Galaxy S7 was a better and enhanced sound quality and also improved autonomy as compared to the iPhone 8. Galaxy Note 8 falls in the third place which was the last handset launched by Samsung this year.

It is said that the sales of iPhone 8 were not as successful as it was expected by Apple, the reason could be that consumers are waiting for the arrival of iPhone X.


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