Samsung Galaxy S8 battery swells in heat test

The South Korean mobile manufacturer, Samsung, had promised not repeat similar mistakes and take additional precautionary measures with their batteries after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion haul. Though their latest release, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus, registered record-breaking pre-order requests, the devices are also subject to a lot of scrutiny following the early fiasco.

That's when YouTubers Lincoln and Daniel Markham came up with an interesting video named 'What's Inside' giving a tough durability test to the premium handset. The video, which became viral ever since its upload, begins with a drop test review and later moves on to an extreme tool test.  In the drop test, the handset though incurs some cracks, it is still functional.


The 9-minute long video shows various unconventional methods applied to the premium flagship phones to give us a proper 'What's Inside' view. In the climax, we see the father-son duo trying to slice down the device using an electric saw. The battery initially remains unaffected by the experiment but then suddenly begins to expand.

It instantly swells up, driving everybody into a furor to take the phone outside before it bursts into flames. Nonetheless, what occurs next is amazing.

There is no blast even though the battery does swell and gets extremely hot. There's also smoke reckoning that it might face the same end like Galaxy Note 7. However, there's no fire. It later emitted the smell like the battery had detonated or burst into flames, however, there are not a single starts or flares in sight. But, the experiment doesn't stop here. After this, in the video we see constant nudging being done to the battery with a razor to check, still, nothing happens.

However, as a disclaimer, this is not really a scientific test. All things considered, these folks utilized an electric saw on a utilitarian gadget inside, with basically no insurance. In any case, this informal test appears to demonstrate that the Galaxy S8's battery won't detonate. It may swell up for reasons unknown, however, a fire may be maintained a strategic distance from. So basically, from the footage, it is clear that battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can take some serious abuse and still not catch fire or explode.

Samsung has put a considerable measure of work into ensuring that their cell phones are never again putting their customers at risk and it appears to have paid off. With any good fortune, the insider facts behind the organization's fresh battery elements will discover their way into different innovations and make everyone's lithium-controlled things slightly more secure.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Date in UAE, Galaxy S8 Price in Dubai UAE

Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date in UAE is April 21. Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Dubai UAE begins from 2789 AED. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price in Dubai UAE is 3,099 AED.

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