Did Samsung Galaxy S8 Beat LG G6 In Drop Test?

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 in Dubai UAE are two of the best flagship smartphones of 2017. Bundled with a fresh design and high-end features, the handsets have been extremely popular among the people. However, on the software and look front, Samsung takes a lead with its gorgeous Galaxy S8. So today on our blog we will review a durability test done on both the handsets and see which of the two handsets sustain the drop test.

The latest drop test has been uploaded on YouTube judging the external toughness of both Samsung Galaxy S8 in Dubai UAE and LG G6 in Dubai UAE. In terms of exterior, the LG G6 has a shield of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on its back and a Gorilla Glass 3 on its 5.7 inches LCD display framed in a metal body. On the other handset, the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8 has a curved edge-to-edge 5.8" OLED display protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both its front and rear in a thinner metal frame on the sides of the handset.

In the video, we see the YouTuber Nick, dropping the handsets from the height of 3 feet. The corner of the Samsung Galaxy S8 shows some cracks while the display was unfazed by the damage. On the other hand, LG G6 hardly showed any damage. It just had a small dent on the back.  On the second round, the handsets were dropped from the same 3 feet height with face down. While the Galaxy S8 display resulted in some cracks on the edges, the touchscreen was still functional. The LG G6 had a major impact with fragments of the glasses coming out from the display but the handset was still usable.

On the final test, the handsets were dropped from a 5 feet height, which resulted in some display damage of the Galaxy S8 with every corner of the handset being shattered. The LG G6 didn't sustain the drop test as the glass of both the front and rear were damaged of the handset. However, both the handsets were still found in working condition.

As an overall review, at the end, the Samsung Galaxy S8 appears to be in a slightly better condition than LG G6 though the former suffered damage in every drop, whereas LG G6 had the major impact only after the final drop. In short, both the flagship phones are broken and can't be used without repair of the display, if it accidentally falls. So guys, be careful and keep your grip strong!

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