Samsung Galaxy S9: How Much Will It Cost in UAE

Samsung has already revealed the launch date of the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 series. With its release coming nearer, many people are eagerly waiting to know the Samsung Galaxy S9 price in UAE. It is rumored that the South Korean giant is planning to increase the price of the upcoming flagship. The handset was confirmed to launch on February 25 and may hit the stores sometime in March.


With the inclusion of advanced technology into the upcoming devices, the high-end Samsung flagship will definitely carry a higher price tag. Alongside the Galaxy S9 with 5.9-inches display, it is expected to launch even a 6.2-inches Galaxy S9 Plus. The plus variant will be larger, powerful and expensive than the standard variant.

While the most selling smartphone iPhone X price in UAE was AED 3673. The upcoming high-end device from Samsung is ought to break this record and set the Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in UAE for around AED 4150. The plus variant- Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus price in UAE can be around AED 4591. The South Korean giant hasn’t confirmed any pricing details for now. So, it is worth to take all these rumors with a pinch of salt.


Overall, the notable improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S9 will definitely make it an impressive device. The camera improvements are for the people who rely on the photography. All these enhancements make it worth to pay for. After the release of the S9 series, the Samsung is planning to launch the Note series handset- Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price may exceed the Samsung Galaxy S9 price. Also, the most awaited Samsung Galaxy X is anticipated for release either by the end of 2018 or in the first quarter of 2019.

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