Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wins Over iPhone X in Speed Test

Samsung recently introduced two high-end smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Now that they enter the market, rumors mill around if these new smartphones can beat the popular Apple iPhone X. Definitely, Samsung Galaxy S9 is not the fastest phone than iPhone X when it comes to the point of intensive tasks. Then what about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Can it outperform the Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset?


The recent speed test done between the two popular handsets confirm that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the fastest phone among all other smartphones in the present market. This was something unexpected, but actually, it happened. The most popular YouTube Channel EverythingApplePro took a speed test video to compare the speed of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X. The test shows the result of how speed the applications can be loaded and reloaded from memory.

While many smartphones use the latest Snapdragon chips, the tech giant uses their own chipset. The Apple iPhone X packs the powerful A11 bionic chip which was the fastest processor till now. But, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus snagged the title of the fastest phone. The speed test is normally conducted between two devices connected to the same wireless network. The apps and other menus are arranged in a similar fashion on the home screen. Then the test is conducted at two different levels. In the first level, the test is conducted to know how fast the applications are loaded and the second focuses on how fast an application reloads from memory.

The ability to process the 4K videos made the iPhone X win the race in the first test. But, the Samsung’s Snapdragon 845 performed really well in the next test. This is due to the higher memory of 6GB in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The Apple iPhone X only features 3GB of RAM. This extra spice up in the Galaxy S9 Plus made it relaunch the apps at a faster rate from memory. Not to ignore, the iOS11 also had few memory issues since its release. The above video displays the benchmark tests and AnTuTu score between the two handsets and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the winner. If speed is your major target in the smartphones, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is better than the iPhone X.

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