Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs, Release Date and Price in Dubai UAE

Samsung brings smart and unique products to its customers. The market leader has the best quality and technology devices releases every year. The Korean brand is into so many products, their product line is quite vast as they work on a lot of things. The Samsung is not only into the smartphones but they have electronics, LCD, audio, camera, and computers.  This company has a huge investment in R&D. Samsung also into the making of the compatible device with the smartphone and for that purpose they have introduced their smartwatch Gear series. There are already different models of their smartwatches in the market.


2016 was the last time when the Gear watch series was witnessed and it was Gear S3.  Now it is the time that Samsung brings on its most loved gadget again. Samsung has planned to bring something exciting with the watch. It was used to call as the Gear S4 but now Samsung decided to change the name.

Name and Logo

The rumor mill suggests that this year 2018 Samsung release the successor but instead of a traditional Gear S4, reports are coming out that the new gadget will be called the "Galaxy Watch" and use an operating system Samsung hasn't dabbled with since 2014.

The logo was spotted going through the Korean Intellectual Property Office which confirms that Samsung's next watch will be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch and not the Gear S4.


Google's Wear OS

Samsung's own Tizen operating system is the choice of many company's wearables, but according to a new rumor, it could change this year. It is being claimed by the Evan Blass the reliable tipster that Samsung employees have been wearing Gear watches that are running Google's Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear). So it could be the huge step for Samsung to bring the Google's wearable OS back and Tizen could be put on the shelf this year for something else.



The battery is yet another important part of any gadget. This time Samsung is going to bring something very exciting as it is rumored to have some big battery around 470mAh.

UX interactions

The new UX interaction is also up which seems quite interesting. The UX interaction is the way a user utilizes or interacts with a product. This would be the new operating system.


Blood Pressure Meter

The new watch will be having the feature to even sense the pressure of the blood and give the blood pressure measurement. The strong sensors might help to Samsung Galaxy watch to compete with the fitness bands as well.


While the smartwatch would be having the Google's Wear OS but there would be the voice of Samsung. The actual thing is that the voice assistant would be Samsung Bixby. It is a unique change as the Operating system of the devices support the own voice assistant but here it is expected that Samsung might bring this innovation as well in the new Samsung Galaxy watch.


PLP Package

It is also expected that Samsung might introduce this new chipping process into the Samsung Galaxy Watch which is called as “PLP Package”. This chip process is the process which enables the boards and system to be cheaper in the prices. If that would happen the prices of the watch might be not that high. Lower production costs mean the device launches at an affordable price for the premium brand.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Price in Dubai

The price of Samsung Galaxy watch in Dubai UAE is not confirmed yet. The watch is still in the production process. While the device prices depend upon the premium features added to it. It could be a range between from 1100 to 1300 AED.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Release Date in Dubai

As the smartwatch is in production and testing phase there are no confirmations about the release of the watch. The speculations are it might be revealed during the IFA show. IFA 2018 is one of the largest mobile trade shows of the year. If the rumors are to be true it could be expected that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Release Date in Dubai, UAE would be between August 31 and September 5.

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