Samsung Introduces New Dual-Camera Tech for Entry-Level Smartphones

The dual camera system has become quite common these days especially in the high-end smartphones. So, what about the entry-level and mid-range smartphones? Samsung has a solution for this and is introducing the new dual camera technology that offers exciting features to the cheaper smartphones. It has launched the ISOCELL dual image sensors with proprietary software, that can bring in Bokeh effect along with the low-light photography.


According to the South Korean giant, the dual image sensors work along with the algorithms to click pictures even in dim light and add bokeh effects. By this, we can understand that the company is mainly focusing on the low light photography and Bokeh mode. Samsung calls this ISOCELL Dual camera tech as the “industry’s first total dual camera solution.”

The major problem with the double camera integration is it forces the manufacturers to spend more time. The integration requires working in collaboration with camera sellers to develop the sensors and add software algorithms. Samsung now made it easy by delivering both the hardware and software through the ISOCELL dual camera tech. This technology will speed up the process and it even allows the low-end smartphones to have a dual camera setup both in the front and rear end.


Samsung further claims that it will accomplish the Bokeh algorithm with a 13MP and a 5MP image sensors. For low light photography, the Samsung is matching its algorithm with a set of 8MP sensors. And now the mobile in the basic range can even take photos in the portrait mode using this double front camera. It further includes features as in dim light photos and the most attractive bokeh effect.

Few sources further reveal that as of now the South Korean company will implement this technology only for its own products. We may get to see this new tech sometime this year.

Now, you need not worry about not having a high-end smartphone. For the people who are looking out to have a bokeh effect and better low-light photography as in the high-end smartphones, this ISOCELL Dual-camera tech would definitely be really useful.

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