Samsung is going to launch its last smartphone. Why?

Samsung is in the news from the very long about its Galaxy Note 9. The customers are waiting for very long. The expectations are quite high from Note 9. The latest rumors and updates have already created some hype. The recent update is that Samsung is looking to cut the cost. It is now thinking to eliminate the similar line products. The rumors are here that we might be seeing the last Note smartphone by Samsung. As Samsung has made some new plans about its Galaxy Note series. The actual plans are that Samsung is considering to merge Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S series because both are quite similar with the specification updates and features.


Samsung has decided to integrate its Galaxy Note series with its Galaxy S series. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the last smartphone of its series. After its release, there won’t be any Note series production by Samsung. The speculations are in future the Galaxy S will be featured with the Samsung Note series features like the stylus. The note series smartphones are slightly higher than in size with Galaxy S series plus variants that is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, has a 6.2-inch screen and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only has a slightly larger one at 6.3 inches.


Another reason could be that Samsung is now coming up with the three variants of its Samsung Galaxy S10, which might cost it higher, to cut the cost Samsung has decided to lay off the same featured series that is its high-end flagship series of Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs

The rumored to be the last smartphone of Note series will be featured with the identical design like Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The most anticipated feature in-display fingerprint scanner is not here.  The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is now below the rear-mounted camera set up.  The rear camera set up is now horizontal not vertical. The display is brighter and the battery is highly powered up by 4000 mAh. The RAM is now 6GB to 8GB with the massive storage range 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The stylus has also upgraded as now it has Bluetooth feature. It is overall a powerful device, with a high-quality camera and beautiful design. The cons are here is that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expensive and has easily smudged rear.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date in Dubai, UAE

The confirmation about the release date of Galaxy Note 9 is here. The Note 9 release date in Dubai, UAE is expected on 9th August 2018. The whole event of release can be watched live online also.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Dubai, UAE

The price of Note 9 in Dubai, UAE would be around 3700AED. That is an estimated price tag as the prices have increased from the last year. The iPhone X was also released with the higher price tag so it is also expected that Samsung might release its Note 9 with the premium price.

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