Samsung May Discard S-Series Branding For Galaxy X in 2019

The South Korean giant is all set to unveil the 2018’s flagship devices in the S-series line up-Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Now we might think that after this series, the next flagship in 2019 may hold the name Galaxy S10. But a new report suggests that Samsung is planning to ditch the S-series branding and give room for the high-end flagship in X-series.


According to the report from Gizchina, Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the last phone in this S-series. It has decided to move on with different plans. With the original Galaxy S that was released in 2010, the naming series has begun. In 2019, Samsung may release a high-end flagship but it was not reported to be Galaxy S10. In fact, it is likely to get the name as Galaxy X. This is almost similar to the Apple that shifted the branding to X with iPhone X.

However, this rumor is completely different from the previous in which the Samsung was noted to release a foldable device. Now, this creates a confusion of considering the Samsung foldable smartphone as the Samsung Galaxy X Dubai. There are further few chances that the South Korean giant may sacrifice the X series branding to regular flagships. It is sure that Samsung will not step back in releasing a foldable smartphone but it may show off with a different name.


Samsung is said to ditch the S-series only to reduce clunky naming in the future such as Galaxy S12, S13). Furthermore, the company is yet to reveal or confirm this rumor only after unveiling either the foldable X phablet or the regular flagship device with X-series. However, it is too early to get to the conclusion of what Samsung has in store for 2019. But this is something to consider and keep an eye on this entire year.

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