Samsung Mistakenly Confirms the Foldable Smartphone

It seems that Samsung is all set to launch its first-ever foldable handset -Samsung Galaxy X in 2018. The giant South Korean company accidentally confirmed the existence by including the product in Samsung official support page.

Samsung Galaxy X

This confirmation puts an end to rumors going around since several months regarding the launch. MobielKopen was the first website to spot the news. According to Forbes, the support page included the code SM-G888N0 that suggests the launch in South Korea.

However, the specifications, price and other details of product still remained in the box. Reports reveal that the firm will restrict the wider release of foldable Smartphone.

Though the name resembles iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy X differs drastically. In fact, it is heard that Samsung was working on this name even before iPhone X release.

Samsung Galaxy X

Foldable Smartphone as its name expected to be flexible, foldable, and twistable. This is a challenging task both in terms of design and software. This would be the probable reason for limited production. According to patent show on the new device, a multi-joint hinge inserted enables to fold in one direction.

The news heard so far suggest that Samsung Galaxy X is nearing its launch and is heading up with some Top-Notch features.

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