Samsung New Foldable Tablet Concept Could Beat Apple iPad

Foldable screens concept has been everywhere in these recent days. While we are still waiting for the foldable smartphone, the South Korean giant is again in news for the new patent with a foldable display. Remember, this time the patent is for the foldable tablet. One of the popular websites for patent applications, PatentlyMobile displayed the Samsung patent that shows that Samsung is continuously experimenting with a different type of displays for its upcoming devices including tablets.


Back in 2016, Samsung filed a patent for the multi-fold tablet which was granted in the last week. So, there is a chance that Samsung would deliver the same to the market probably in the coming years. However, this is quite a challenge for the Apple iPad. Samsung has already given a tough competition to Apple iPad Pro with the Galaxy Book. Now, it is again throwing out a challenge to Apple with foldable display concept.

The foldable tablet concept illustrates has a physical keyboard on the rear end of one of the panels. From the images displayed, we could see a flat screen display with multiple folds thus offering different functionality. The tablet also comes in with the ability to handle calls. Since holding a hefty tablet is cumbersome, the foldable display concept makes it easier to hold and operate depending on the functionality. With this concept, now phones can be used as tablets and Vice versa.


Furthermore, Samsung describes in the patent that foldable devices need not have a single fold. Giving room for multiple folds could add an extra form factor to the handset. Though sounds interesting, but since being a patent we cannot guarantee that it will be made live into the market. Filing patents are common, getting it into reality is a bit difficult. Now, the point is will the Samsung implements the same technology even in the smartphones or is it just limited to tablets?

We have heard many rumors pertaining to Samsung foldable phone which was rumored to be Samsung Galaxy X. Until now, nothing is made official neither it is confirmed from any of the smartphone manufacturers. Whatever may be the reason for the delay, all the smartphone manufacturers are competing with one another for developing the innovative smartphones for the next generation.

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