Samsung New Patent For Over The Air Wireless Charging

Samsung filed a new patent for the over the air wireless charging. This patent was originally filed in the South Korean in 2016. Now the patent was again published on WIPO. Until now, charging was plugging into the mainstream using a cable. Later on, wireless charging came into existence, but that required a panel on which the device needs to be placed.


The South Korean giant has gone beyond this wireless technology and is allowing you to charge the device from the wall panel. This was one of the impressive and innovative patents that are filed. There would be a wall panel which is capable enough to reflect energy to the devices in the room. This energy transmitted can charge the device thus making the device free from platform or base.

How It Works?

Despite any obstacles in the room, the patent describes the way to handle obstacles and manages to charge the device. If this is to be true, then it would definitely be a milestone in the technological sector. Samsung further claims that a single plate would be enough to energize the entire room. Thus allowing to charge the device from anywhere. The plate would transmit energy in the form of waves and the reflectors allow to travel towards the device avoiding blockages. The Emitting energy source, especially in the closed area, is quite a tricky task. But, at the same time making it safe and secure in the household environment should be of the major priority.


As for now, there are no details regarding the development or release of the technology. It may take a long time to see this spectacular technology on board. However, it is surprising to see the South Korean giant working in different ways that can make our lives easier in the near future.

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