Samsung New Patent for Smartphone with Double-Sided Display

The South Korean giant is known for its innovative technology. Till now, we have seen many rumours rolling around about the foldable smartphone in UAE. A new leak suggests that Samsung filed a new patent for the smartphone having a double-sided display.

The recent speculation is from LetsGoDigital that identified the application revealing a new phone with such innovative design. The patent was filed long back in 2015 in Korea as well. Now, this recent patent is being published by USPTO.


According to the images shown in the patent, the device has curved sides with a display that covers some part of the rear end. This shows that the user can have touchscreen access on both the sides. Probably, you can even have system icons displayed on front and back.

This design almost resembles the Meizu Pro 7 Plus that holds a separate rear display, unlike Samsung design that is featuring single display, folded towards the rear end.

As we know the fact that Samsung is even planning to launch a foldable Samsung Galaxy X in 2018. In the foldable smartphone concept, there includes a flexible panel.  Here comes another flexible panel from Samsung that houses rear end display.



Another point that we identify from the patent, is that the left side of the display follows the same design. The only difference exists is on the right side edge with surrounding screen.

Apart from the stylish design, there are even few negative aspects of the new patent design. It might be a bit slippery as well as uncomfortable to hold with.

However, it is not necessary that all the patents that are filed will hit the market. Let us hope that if the double-sided display comes into reality then we expect it to have some added tweaks.

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