Samsung Is Now The World’s Largest Chipmaker, surpasses Intel

Samsung has dethroned Intel and has now become the World’s largest chipmaker. Intel ruled for 24 long years as the biggest chipmaker in the world.

Samsung had announced its quarterly earnings. The South Korean Conglomerate has incurred higher revenue and has generated huge profits, to pass Intel in Q2 2017.

The giant tech firm has continued to develop DRAM and flash technologies, the real reason is beaten out Intel is flexibility. Samsung has quickly adapted to the change in technology and market, especially in the smartphone industry.

Samsung posted a revenue total of $15 billion, and an operating profit of $7.1 billion for this quarter, a huge change from the $2.4 billion in operating profits in the same quarter last year. Intel, meanwhile, reported a revenue of $14.8 billion and an operating profit of $3.8 billion.

Intel stressed on developing in CPUs for laptops, PCs, and servers, whereas Samsung focused on smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Intel failed to make its way into mobile phones and wearables and instead chose to concentrate on IoT devices and AI research. Thus Intel’s futuristic plan, unfortunately, left development on current-day solutions by the wayside.

The South Korean multinational is smart enough to plan for future projects. As per reports they are also working on chipsets for IoT devices and cars. Now they need to hold tight their crown or else may loose the position in this world of cut-throat competition to someone else.

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