Samsung S8 hit 720,000 Pre-Order in a week in SouthAfrica

Another records bites of Samsung s8 pre-order hit at 720 000 units in the first seven days, the previous record was 400,000 units in 12 days in Galaxy Note 7.

According to Koh Dong-jin, Samsung Mobile president said on preorder for Samsung s8.
"will be the first device to regain customers’ trust and love. The market response is better than expected.”


The preorder will start the process from Monday and number will be reached as high as 1 million units as compared to Note 2,3,7 and many other brands.

Few of the new Galaxy S8 featured a number of features including AI assistant Bixby with a dedicated button, the lack of home button with the fingerprint sensor moving back and fully functional iris scanner.

The price of Samsung S8 starts from 2789 AED, you can compare and price updated price of Samsung S8 at Samsung S8 page.

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