Samsung On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Gets an Approval

Samsung will soon come with their flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus which will be packed with more advanced features. The giant company has patented the technology of the fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.


Apart from the pin codes and pattern lock, the smartphone manufacturers started providing several other security options- face ID, iris recognition, touch ID sensor on the home button. It is said that the new evolved unlock technology provides more security to the smartphone.

However, with the launch of iPhone X Apple introduced the face ID technology which identifies the user’s face in any lighting conditions. The Cupertino Company claims that the face ID provides utmost security to the device. The iPhone X doesn’t even feature any home button.

Nowadays many smartphone manufacturers are replacing the home button with the fingerprint sensor below the screen.

Just a few days ago, the Samsung World Intellectual Property Organization said yes to the patent filed by the South Korean conglomerate in April 2017. According to Lestgodigital, an embedded fingerprint sensor will be embedded below the screen along with a pressure sensor.

The fingerprint sensor will work only when a certain level of pressure is given on particular point. There are 12 points spread across the screen. Apart from unlocking the device, there will be many uses of the fingerprint sensor.

This technology is quite popular among the smartphone makers. And is expected that in the upcoming year many flagship smartphones will include this latest feature.

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