Samsung Seeps out New Radical Design Galaxy Smartphone

Rumors already started rolling around about the upcoming Samsung smartphones. 2018 would definitely be a remarkable year for all Smartphone manufacturers. Everyone is trying to give their best in terms of both the design and functionality.


We are aware that the South Korean company will unveil the new Galaxy S9 and the foldable Galaxy X in 2018. Apart from this, few rumors and sources revealed that Samsung is working to introduce new radical design Galaxy smartphone.

The firm is planning for bezel-less, notch-free design. Yes, you heard it right. Now the question is how this could be implemented? But Samsung already has different thought process for the same. You can see the details of how the company is going to implement a radical design in the patent (WO/2017/204483).

The giant South Korean company has a plan to have bent areas around the physical display screen. If rumors are accurate then the new design may have 180 degrees curve across all edges. With this, we can definitely expect stunning look from the new design smartphone.

This concept could introduce new features like top or side notifications. There is even a chance of having virtual buttons instead of volume and power buttons.

The iPhone X has already created a new era by bezel reduction through bending edges around the display. However, this is done internally on the screen instead of folding the edges visible.

If Samsung is choosing no bezel display without any notch then where will be the selfie camera inserted? Now to get an answer, we need to wait until Samsung unveils the new radical design officially.

The giant South Korean company has many plans for 2018. It seems that Samsung is trying to restructure the existing models completely with its new radical design Galaxy Smartphone.

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