Samsung To Start OLED Production for Upcoming iPhones in May

As we all know that Apple is looking to introduce three new devices in 2018. We are not sure of what the upcoming iPhones are really called. Despite the naming scheme, but the recent rumors suggest that Samsung is already in plans to start OLED panel production for the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X2.


The iPhone X2 being the 5.8-inch model and the iPhone X Plus will boast a huge 6.5-inches display. Initially, the 6.5-inches OLED panel was rumored to be manufactured by LG. Later on, it was speculated that this firm was unable to meet the requirements of Apple. So, Samsung again became the only supplier of OLED panels. According to the taiwen’s Economic Daily News, the South Korean giant may start the OLED production in May with an intention to double the production by June. It is still unknown of why the company is starting off the production so early. Since Apple is about to launch two OLED iPhones in the near future. So, probably the demand would be higher than usual. This could be one of the reasons for early production.

The exclusive iPhone X display was given by Samsung. Though a popular handset with an OLED panel, radical new design and innovative technologies, but it was not a major success for Apple. This recent report confirms the fact that Apple is introducing three new iPhones in 2018 which includes a modified iPhone X, iPhone X Plus Dubai and an iPhone with LCD screen.


The LCD iPhone would probably be the lower pricey option of the three. Apart from the difference in panels, all the three devices may carry similar features. In order to reduce costs, the LCD iPhone may ditch 3D touch technology. It may further feature 3GB RAM with the single camera module. While the OLED models may boast 4GB RAM, dual rear camera, and 3D touch functionality. However, this could be a pricey option. These trio of smartphones are likely to appear sometime in September 2018. Along with this, the tech giant is even rumored to launch foldable iPhone in 2020.

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