Samsung Trying to Embed Selfie camera and Fingerprint Sensor Into the Display

Samsung’s new patent reveals the smartphone with a concept of selfie camera and the fingerprint sensor placed into the display screen. The South Korean giant is already working to introduce in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, Samsung is taking a step further and planning to embed front camera under the display screen.


LetsGoDigital was the first source to spot the news. The report shows the patent with a flexible OLED screen containing holes on the top end. But this is not for the front camera, instead, it is for the earpiece and sensors. In the era of the technological advancement, we are seeing may top giants working towards innovation.

Apple introduced top-notch design and is working on to hide the speakers under the display screen. Vivo has already launched the first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, the South Korean giant is stepping ahead further with the in-display selfie camera. This is done in an attempt to make room for the full edge-to-edge display.


This is what we got to know from the patent filed by the Samsung with WIPO. As per the reports, the method titled as ‘Electronic Apparatus Having a Hole Area Within Screen And Control Method Thereof’ describes two main methodologies of implementing the concept.

The first concept is embedding the fingerprint sensor into the display screen, while the front shooter can take its place in the tiny notch. The other option is giving out physical cut-outs on the display to accommodate home button and selfie shooter. If the company actually implements this concept, then probably we can see a futuristic smartphone with 100 percent body-to-screen ratio.


Remember that this is just a patent and we never know whether this will be used in the real products. However, this hint suggests that the smartphone manufacturers are trying to redesign and implement some innovative ideas to its design.

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