Save Your Mobile Data with Datally

In today’s world, almost everybody owns a smartphone. And a smartphone is incomplete without an internet connection. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connectivity then you depend on the mobile data plan. At times you may finish off the monthly internet data before the stipulated time so it is important for you to manage the internet plan wisely.


In order to solve this issue, Google has come up with a new app- Datally. Datally is an Android mobile app for the people using Android 5.0 and above. This app lets you track your mobile data so that you don’t overuse it.

Datally includes an important function which restricts the apps to use the internet those running in the background. Google claimed that this feature lets you save almost 30 percent of your mobile data.


As you turn on the saving mode, the Google app displays a number of notifications along with a floating bubble. The floating bubble shows how many megabytes the app consumes. Similarly, the Google app also notifies the apps which use high data and gives you the complete data of its internet consumption.

Google has started this application in the Philippines and very soon will be available globally.

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