How to Share your iCloud Photos with Non-Apple User?

The iPhone doesn’t have the feature of sharing pictures with a non-iPhone user. So it becomes a little troublesome for the iPhone user when it comes to sharing their iCloud photos. So here we have brought a few easy ways by which you can share your photos with a Non-Apple user. Let’s start:
A. Steps to Share your iCloud Photos with Non-Apple User:

1. The first step is to create an album which can be directly shared to others to access all the photos in that album and you can make any of the album of your choice and then give name it of your choice.
2. And now you can put the photos on the album that you want to share with other.


3. Now you need to tap on the album and select the people and then you will see all the default setting for that album there. At this step you need to change it as by these default setting the iCloud will not allow you to share to the non-iOS device.


4. There you will find an option “Public Website” by default it will turn off and you have to switch it on. Since this now becomes the public shareable cloud storage, you can now directly share with others.


5. The moment you enable the button you will see “Share link” option there and that is going to provide you the link that is shareable to others, just click on this button and then the link will appear there which you can copy.


6. Now you can easily share and can directly share the link to anyone and the person will be able to see the slideshow of the images when they click on that link.

B. Method: Using Google Photos

Another convenient way to share your images is to download this application from the app store and then can browse your photos in the app. And it comprises a default feature which lets you share the pictures. With the help of that the pictures can be accessed on you iPhone, Android and desktop also. As all the images will be linked with the Google Cloud Storage it can be easily accessed over other devices.

1. Firstly you need to open the Google Photos app.
2. Then click the photo, album, or movie to share.
3. Tap on Share.
4. Now you just need to enter or select a name, phone number, or email address to whom you want to share that photo album publically.


So try out the above method and enjoy sharing images with your near and dear ones, irrespective of the operating system. The first link will let you directly share the album with your iPhone and in the second method you need to use the Google photos option and then will work in the same way. Do try both the methods which makes exchanging of photos simpler!

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