Snapchat Spectacles Review

Snapchat being one of the most popular social media apps has been throwing absolutely fresh and original features ever since it has been introduced in the market, including many fun and interactive filters for the users to enjoy with their friends and family and share their joys with the world. Needless to say, it has become a hit in the world of social media and never fails to impress its users with the release of every new feature.


Keeping up with the trend, Snapchat has yet again introduced one of the most innovative ideas that have made it even easier for people to capture snaps of what they see and like. Snapchat spectacles are the newest product introduced by the social media company and it works by simply clicking a button on the spectacles with which one can record videos of up to 10 seconds. Whatever is recorded using the device is saved as a memory in the ‘memories’ section of the app via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and from there it can be uploaded as a snap to the account.

What makes it different from a normal digital camera is the fact that there’s no display of what is being recorded. This automatically reduces the technological complexity and makes the use of the gadget much easier. Once you get the glasses, all you have to do is sync it with the app and let the camera lens located in the small yellow circle carry the function while you make use of the button on the spectacles.

There are many points that make these spectacles a hit such as the fact that one can now record videos and share it with the world from their point of perspective, just like a GoPro. Moreover, users especially find it fun to just put on the glasses and go on an adventure where even if they fall, there is not much chance of the glasses falling off too. So one can go hiking, jumping on a trampoline, driving through interesting lanes and pathways(although that is not recommended) and have it all recorded making it a possibility to share your very own experience through your vision. it is a phone free, a hands-free technology that is all set to create a big impact in the way people share their experiences through the app.

Another interesting feature about these spectacles is that they record circular videos. This means that if you rotate the phone you can simply get a wider perspective. Moreover, the camera quality of the glasses is pretty decent for a snap chat. However, it still depends on light conditions just like every other camera so if one is recording during the day, decent and sharp results can be expected out of it. However, since they look like regular sunglasses, it might be unsuitable for indoor places and make one feel uncomfortable.

All in all, the snap chat spectacles are creating a new trend of making videos and enjoying trips and adventure fun with absolute hands-free technology.

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