Study says: People In UAE Are At A High Risk Of Losing Their Data

Every smartphone user set a password to keep their data safe. Your phone may come across some unauthorized people who may secretly leak out your confidential data.


And recently it has been found out that most UAE residents do not protect their devices, so they are at a greater risk of losing their personal information.

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As per a research by Kaspersky Lab, more than three-quarters of respondents (77 per cent) in UAE agree that cyber criminals and hackers pose a high risk to their data, with 68 per cent saying malware is a high-risk threat.


However, there is a difference of opinion among people about the safety of their data and the steps they take or don’t take to protect their important data.


Unfortunately, in UAE only half protect their devices with a password. 68 per cent use a password for their smartphones, 46 per cent for their tablets and 52 per cent for their computers.

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And the worst part is 3 per cent of people do not protect their data at all, 22 per cent on tablets, 10 per cent of computers and 6 percent on smartphones. Even in spite of knowing the consequences of malware and viruses. Only 10 per cent have a general security solution on their gadgets.


More than half the population in UAE have confessed that their own carelessness may put their data at high risk. When asked people about how did they lose their personal information on in five cases have admitted that they have by mistakenly deleted it on their own. This comes second to those people who lost their data because of their device got damaged which happened in 21 per cent of the cases.


Andrei Mochola, head of consumer business at Kaspersky Lab stated: “Precious data that we save on the digital devices we use every day is not getting the protection it deserves. With so much trust placed in devices to safeguard our memories and information, it is important that the security measures that individuals rely on are able to adapt to the scenario and keep them safe - no matter what the device or where they use it. Reliance on multiple devices to store what matters most, calls for a more robust and reliable approach. Only then can all points of vulnerability be covered and any gaps in user knowledge or unintentional data mishaps be taken care of.”

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