Facebook now has patents to spy on its users and to collect more data

There was a time when people used to meet and socialize in person. The technological shift has turned the lifestyle and now socializing means using the social sites. The one of the most loved and used social site is non-other than Facebook. Every other person has the Facebook account if he or she has the internet access. Facebook has made life easier and open. People love to share their life events, memories, thoughts and personal information on Facebook. But the main question is here whether this is safe to share all of the information on Facebook. Is the Facebook is trustworthy to give your personal information access? It was already seen that Facebook was in hot water recently as it was revealed that Facebook was misusing the user data for its own benefits and money making. While the data breaching scandal bought things into the limelight, it was also promised

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Facebook To Hire 3,000 People To Fight Inappropriate Content Online

The social networking site, Facebook, has been subject to a lot of misuse off late with people live streaming violence including murder, confession or even suicide bid on it. To fight back the violence, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg took to the social network site and urged the billions of users to help in building a safe community by letting go of hostility. He also announced that the company will hire more 3,000 people, who will moderate the millions of posts being uploaded on the social media and pull down the inappropriate ones at the earliest. The team will carefully access every bit of information floating on Facebook and prevent the occurrence of any untoward situation. Recently, several dreadful incidents such as people hurting themselves and others, child/women exploitation and hate speech, were found going viral, live or in the form of recorded videos, on Facebook. To combat the situation, Facebook has

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55060497 - kiev, ukraine - march 4, 2016: smartphone with mobile application of facebook on the screen and the like button with 6 empathetic emoji

Facebook Just Added This New Feature And You Will Love It!

Any bit of news or information posted on a social network platform triggers instant reactions. Maybe that exactly is the reason why we post a status, or share a link or upload a picture on the social forum. It is all about getting reactions. Taking account of this, Facebook introduced its interesting 'React' feature almost a year ago. It provides a more toned down option of expressing reactions in five additional categories, 'Haha', 'Love', 'Sad', 'Angry', 'Wow'. Apart from this, you can anyway click the 'Like' button to give a simple Thumbs Up on the posts. The 'React' update became an instant hit as it spread out the scope of expressing more accurate reactions on relevant posts. Official sources had revealed that the 'React' button was used for over 300 billion times from the time of its launch. Taking the 'React' option one step forward, Facebook allowed similar arrangement on

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