Top 5 upcoming smartphones will release in the end of 2018

The top 5 smartphones which are about to release at the end of 2018 are discussed in this article. 2018 is already spicing things up with the latest technology and smart designs of smartphones. This year the triple camera Huawei P20 Pro was released. The very next new innovative smartphone design witnessed with two different Chinese brands, the Oppo Find X with the mechanical sliding camera set up and Vivo NEX with the pop-up selfie camera. The year 2018 is the trendsetter in the style and innovation of smartphones. The next upcoming August release is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has already created fumes in the market by the rumor of it being the last smartphone of its series. With these rumors and updates, the list goes on and the upcoming smartphones of 2018 which are about to release in at the end of the year are expected to deliver

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Google Fuchsia is the new operating system to end Android

The Android smartphones used today are liked by everyone because of its simplest interface. The Android is the most popular operating system in the world. More or less all the brands are into the Android operating system and there are Apple and some windows smartphones which run on the other operating systems. Android is considered to be as the easy and smartest operating system but now the news is that the Android might soon come to an end. What will happen next? The next big thing planned by the Google is already here as Google is working for two years on the new operating system which will replace the Android. The new operating system is named Google Fuchsia. Huawei is also working on its own operating system. Android has now become 10 years old operating system. Google has now created a new operating system for the smartphone devices, yet Android

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Apple To Become World’s First Trillion Dollar Company Soon!

We all know that Apple will be celebrating its iPhone 10th anniversary this year. However, the global tech company has found another reason to rejoice the occasion even more. Apple recently recorded the highest stocks ever by exceeding the $153.50 bn margin for the first time. Apple's shares have escalated up to 50 % in the past few months. Though there was a slight decline in the iPhone sales following the hype over its 10th-anniversary release, iPhone 8, Apple has maintained stagnancy in its overall sales rate. People have been restraining from purchasing the current iPhone 7 model, waiting for the upcoming next-gen flagship iPhone 8, which is touted to be equipped with some 'never-seen-before' features. However, the iPhone market sales have clearly not hindered the growth of Apple shares. For the first time in the history of the company, Apple's market limit has exceeded $800 billion valuations. Apple has

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12 Most Exciting New Tech Products Launching in 2017

2017 seems to be an exciting year for the gadget geeks as it has brought in some of the amazing tech products. But, Holla! it doesn't just stop here. Companies are up with arms to bring out some more of the revolutionary products ranging from laptops, smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones to gaming consoles to amuse the consumers further. There are also more incredible products like invincible action cameras, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, a mobile printer and a compact phone charger, which are on the list. To give you a gist of the upcoming gizmos, here is a list of 12 most exciting tech products launching in 2017: A new version of Microsoft's Surface Pro We didn't get a new Surface Pro in 2016 — that's the first calendar year with no refresh since the Surface Pro debuted. We'll be overdue for an update in 2017, so it's pretty reasonable to

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