iPhone X Vs OnePlus 6 : The Camera Comparison

The iPhone X is one of the best-released smartphones till now even though it was released in October 2017. This device is still in the competition with the other smartphones released in the year 2018. Some of the good camera competitors smartphones released this year like Huawei P20 Pro with triple lens camera and OnePlus 6 with the dual camera set up, whereas Samsung S9 with the dual camera set up as well. The OnePlus 6 released in May 2018 but the rivalry with iPhone X is going on. The camera battle is spot on as the new iPhone of 2018 and Samsung S10 of 2019 are expected to be released with the triple lens camera setup. The most beloved and useful feature of the smartphone nowadays is the camera. The focus of the entire smartphone industry big brands is now shifted towards to improve the smartphone camera day by

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15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

The craze for Apple iPhone series is perennial among the masses. Be it for the brand, its sleek metallic body engraved with that iconic apple logo or it's quintessential features, iPhones can never go out of the trend. Recently, people went gaga when Apple unveiled the red colored variant of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The limited edition was brought out in collaboration with Apple's 10-year old partner RED, an organization that fights against AIDS. Even though the iPhone users claim to know it all about the handset, there are a few features that are relatively unknown. So, if you own an iPhone or are a gadget enthusiast, this article bets to escalate your interest to another level as we bring you 15 incredible facts which you probably didn't know iPhones can do. 1. It can charge much faster if you turn it on airplane mode- Just put

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