Top 5 upcoming smartphones will release in the end of 2018

The top 5 smartphones which are about to release at the end of 2018 are discussed in this article. 2018 is already spicing things up with the latest technology and smart designs of smartphones. This year the triple camera Huawei P20 Pro was released. The very next new innovative smartphone design witnessed with two different Chinese brands, the Oppo Find X with the mechanical sliding camera set up and Vivo NEX with the pop-up selfie camera. The year 2018 is the trendsetter in the style and innovation of smartphones. The next upcoming August release is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has already created fumes in the market by the rumor of it being the last smartphone of its series. With these rumors and updates, the list goes on and the upcoming smartphones of 2018 which are about to release in at the end of the year are expected to deliver

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Top 5 Smartphones Of 2018 With Facial Recognition Feature

Smartphones have become the must need of every human nowadays. Every other person keeps his/her data, files, media into the smartphone as it is portable and easy to use anywhere. Same as with the personal stuff and pictures, there was a time when people use to keep limited stuff into the phones as there was a fear of loss of personal information if the phone was snatched or stolen. But now the new technologies have come up and bought a lot of security in itself. Initial only passwords were considered to be the locking system to keep the mobile phone data safe, after that with touchscreen innovation the patterns were launched to lock the phone. After that fingerprint sensor was added into the smartphones to keep it safe. Now the latest technology of face detection is introduced with the best flagships launched. The face unlock technology is the new hype

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Samsung Beats Apple as the World Leader in Smartphone Sales

Though Apple had bested Samsung in taking the top spot in the market share in the last quarter, the South Korean mobile manufacturer has returned to rein the smartphone industry all over again. Sources from the market reveal that Samsung registered a swift 7.6% growth in sales from 18.5% in the last quarter. It now holds a 26.1% share in the market. The amazing sale of its low-end Galaxy J series helped the South Korean conglomerate to top the list. Apart from Samsung, Huawei is another brand to enroll a development this quarter. However, it is just a small 0.1% growth in the market share from 11.3% in Q4 2016 to 11.4% in Q1 2017. Samsung is followed by Apple with a 16.9% share of the market. The global tech giant saw a 3.4% decline in the market share from 20.3% in the last quarter. The growth rate of Apple

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