Microsoft Surface Phone: A Foldable Smartphone Or A Phablet

Microsoft is well known American company which is so much into computers and software. The company is being in business for about 40 years. The founder is famous Bill Gates. Microsoft has always been with the computer experiences. The idea of this brand is to bring the complete systems into whole a device. The Microsoft all time phenomena is to bring the complete PC experience into the smartphone device. Not only on hardware but on software still the Windows leader of every single computer is Microsoft. After the windows, the Microsoft Office Suite software for text record, presentations and recording of data is made by Microsoft and is used by every single person having the computer system.  To keep that connection with their customers Microsoft partnered with the very reliable brand of the year 2000 smartphone maker that is Nokia. Both of the companies tried to bring Microsoft system smartphones but

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Apple To Unveil Three Fresh MacBooks In June

Apple.inc has already created a stir in the smartphone industry with the rumored launch of its next-gen iPhone 8, the iPhone 10th anniversary release. Now, the global giant is gearing up to unveil their three brand new MacBooks in Dubai UAE in June at the 2017 WWDC platform. It seems like Apple has a lot in stock to offer to its followers this year! When it comes to market strategy, Apple has always been a step ahead of its contemporaries. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced its latest Surface Pro 5 with high-end specifications and improvisations. Striking at the right time, Apple has released the news about its new MacBooks in Dubai UAE, which could shift the spotlight from the latter. Apple in March had hinted towards the launch of its series of products lined up for 2017, without disclosing much about it in detail. However, now the top brand has

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Apple To Become World’s First Trillion Dollar Company Soon!

We all know that Apple will be celebrating its iPhone 10th anniversary this year. However, the global tech company has found another reason to rejoice the occasion even more. Apple recently recorded the highest stocks ever by exceeding the $153.50 bn margin for the first time. Apple's shares have escalated up to 50 % in the past few months. Though there was a slight decline in the iPhone sales following the hype over its 10th-anniversary release, iPhone 8, Apple has maintained stagnancy in its overall sales rate. People have been restraining from purchasing the current iPhone 7 model, waiting for the upcoming next-gen flagship iPhone 8, which is touted to be equipped with some 'never-seen-before' features. However, the iPhone market sales have clearly not hindered the growth of Apple shares. For the first time in the history of the company, Apple's market limit has exceeded $800 billion valuations. Apple has

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Surface Pro 5 to experiment with the hardware?

After the striking sale of Surface Pro 4, rumors about Microsoft developing its successor Surface Pro 5 has left the gadget freaks to yearn for more details about the tablet. Sources reveal that the giant tech company will be focusing more on the hardware to showcase some of the potential features in Surface Pro 5. There wouldn't be much to look forward to in the software of this hybrid next gen PC device. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is pressing to have all the more effective equipment alongside its super-itemized screen and the Windows 10 Creators Update Operating System. Alongside it is the cloud administrations which the Surface Pro 5 will have a refreshed form and also enhance the gadget's battery life which brought on a few issues in the past Surface Pro discharges. The current Surface Pro 4 includes an extraordinary Microsoft-made Surface Connector, which associates attractively to the gadget

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