Top 5 Smartphones Of 2018 With Facial Recognition Feature

Smartphones have become the must need of every human nowadays. Every other person keeps his/her data, files, media into the smartphone as it is portable and easy to use anywhere. Same as with the personal stuff and pictures, there was a time when people use to keep limited stuff into the phones as there was a fear of loss of personal information if the phone was snatched or stolen. But now the new technologies have come up and bought a lot of security in itself. Initial only passwords were considered to be the locking system to keep the mobile phone data safe, after that with touchscreen innovation the patterns were launched to lock the phone. After that fingerprint sensor was added into the smartphones to keep it safe. Now the latest technology of face detection is introduced with the best flagships launched. The face unlock technology is the new hype

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OnePlus 6 Vs Asus ZenFone 5Z

Smartphone battles are on the top. Every day a new smartphone releases with the best features and make the earlier released smartphones an older technology. The world is moving fast so as the technology upgrades are happening. All the big industries in the business invest millions and billions on RnD and bring out innovative and premium products. These new innovative technologies then installed on the smartphones and released as the best versions and flagships every year. So as the big names like Samsung and Apple do their best to satisfy the customer with their premium products. The OnePlus has also made its position in the market and now known as one of the market trendsetters. Whereas, Asus has its own place and name. Asus brings quality products which can be seen as their laptop are best known and now the recently released gaming smartphone Asus ROG phone is leading in

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iPhone X Vs OnePlus 6 : The Camera Comparison

The iPhone X is one of the best-released smartphones till now even though it was released in October 2017. This device is still in the competition with the other smartphones released in the year 2018. Some of the good camera competitors smartphones released this year like Huawei P20 Pro with triple lens camera and OnePlus 6 with the dual camera set up, whereas Samsung S9 with the dual camera set up as well. The OnePlus 6 released in May 2018 but the rivalry with iPhone X is going on. The camera battle is spot on as the new iPhone of 2018 and Samsung S10 of 2019 are expected to be released with the triple lens camera setup. The most beloved and useful feature of the smartphone nowadays is the camera. The focus of the entire smartphone industry big brands is now shifted towards to improve the smartphone camera day by

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OnePlus 5 to come with mammoth 8GB RAM (Features, Launch, Price)

After its popular OnePlus flagship phone series, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is rumored to unveil their next premium handset OnePlus 5, which will be a successor to the latest OnePlus 3T mobile, in the last quarter of the year. According to the standard practice, OnePlus should have been taking a shot at OnePlus 4 after the arrival of the OnePlus 3T. But, that is not the situation. The Chinese cell phone producer has avoided the OnePlus 4 completely and hopped specifically to the OnePlus 5 as clearly the digit 4 is considered as unfortunate in the Chinese culture. As per the leaked information, the Android device will have high-end features. Similar to their last release OnePlus 3, which was one of the first mobiles to have a 6GB RAM, rumors are rife that the company is working to bring out OnePlus 5 with a mammoth 8GB RAM and 64GB internal

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