Nokia A1 Plus Release Date, Price and Launch in Dubai UAE

Nokia is one of the most loved brands. Nokia was the brand every other person used to buy as it was the only market leader at that time. Nokia was lacking behind because of few decisions made by the company as it followed the Windows operating system trend. The time changed and people have become obsessed with Android and OS operating systems. Samsung and Apple turned off the scenario for Nokia and everything changed. Nokia then was out of the market and now it is coming back with some reliable and smart devices. Nokia smartphones are now in the news as Nokia has jumped into the Android operating system. With this interesting switch, Nokia again has gained the customer's attention and trust and getting the limelight. Nokia has already announced Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.1. These three handsets are budget smartphones and give great features. Nokia 8 Sirocco

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Upcoming Top 10 Mobile Phones in 2017 in UAE

As the year 2016 is ending and the year 2017 is approaching, people around the world are celebrating the coming of the new year with prayers and determined resolution while the gadget geeks and smartphone lovers are eagerly awaiting the release of the most exciting Mobile phones with fresh outlook, upgraded features and much more to look forward to. With a high competition in the category, every company planning to release new models of smartphones aims to wow the users with its uniqueness. It could be a single feature that makes a phone stand out and attract many users towards it. The basis is an idea, An idea that ignites the spark and gives birth to a new way style. To all the Mobile phone lovers out there, your wait is over. has compiled and brought together the 10 top Mobile phones to look forward to in the year

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