The First Smartphone with “In-display Fingerprint Sensor” May Appear at CES 2018

After the Iris scanner and face ID for unlocking of the screen, now it's turn for something new and innovative. Smartphone with a regular fingerprint sensor is common but the same feature within the display screen is something to wonder about.

Yes, the top tech giants are looking to combine innovation with the latest technology. Probably, CES 2018 would be the best platform to show this popular invention. With the thought process of enhancing the user's feasibility towards the device, almost all the top manufacturers are coming up with new features.



Especially when the point is for the security of devices, initially there was only pattern lock or pin lock. Then in order to improve the security levels, fingerprint, iris scanner and facial recognition came into existence.

In 2018, we can see a fingerprint sensor that is built into the display screen. Apple and Samsung are about to demo their project at CES 2018.

Synaptics was the first one to talk about this technology and they tend to call it as Clear ID. In a press release, the company agreed the fact one of the tech giants would present its first Smartphone in UAE with in-screen fingerprint sensor holding caller ID FS9500.


The new sensor will work only with OLED screen and works much faster than the face ID technology. It works well on dry, wet, and cold fingers. Since the sensor is within the glass, it may be water resistant as well as scratch resistant. This sensor is suitable for all high-end devices supporting bezel-less displays.

Though everything seems to be in the air, we can get the live experience on the technology after it appears in the upcoming devices. We still need to wait for a month to have a hands-on review on "In-display Fingerprint Sensor".

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