Things to Avoid while Using Public Wi-Fi

The Internet is the vast term that conquered the entire world within no time. In present days, nothing is made possible without internet access. This would be the probable reason for providing public Wi-Fi. People are habituated in using Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere they go.

Nowadays Wi-Fi is available in the shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, or hotel almost everywhere. We don’t even think twice to avail internet access provided in public locations. Though it is quite useful and convenient at sometimes, it is risky to access public Wi-Fi without setting some limitations.

Here is a guide that specifies the not-to-do list especially while accessing public Wi-Fi.


Do Not Access Bank Accounts

It is known fact that we should not access bank accounts while on a public Wi-Fi network. But few people still do the same. Logging into bank accounts could be quite risky. Public Wi-Fi is the place where several strangers are on the same network and there are chances of an account being hacked.

Do Not Access Email Accounts

Yes, it is not even safe to access email accounts on the public network. There are chances of hackers stealing your identity. If you have the habit of checking emails on public Wi-Fi, then stop it right away.


Stop Sharing Files

It is definitely not a correct practice to share confidential files while accessing public Wi-Fi.

Avoid Online Shopping

Shopping online on public Wi-Fi!!  Then you are at a great risk. Online shopping requires login credentials, bank details, and transaction password. It is not safe to provide all these details in a public sharing network.


Never, Ever Save Passwords

Strictly avoid saving passwords on the browser while accessing public Wi-Fi. This would be an easy way for hackers to access the login details.

Prefer Secure Network

Prefer selecting the secure network available in the range. This would probably be more secure than accessing on default network.


Use Wi-Fi Access at Shorter Intervals

Instead of accessing the Wi-Fi for a long period, use it for some time. This is another best way to avoid being targeted. Whenever Wi-Fi is not in use, turn it off. This can save your battery life and is even secure at times.

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