This is what the iPhone 8 may look like

With the new Samsung S8 and S8= launched recently, now the fan is looking for Apple iPhone 8 which is expected to be launch in Septemeber.

The next model of Apple on its 10-anniversary edition will give a proper to its competition to Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, and others.

Based on a number of recent leaks, The iPhone 8 will launch some of the new features like include edge to edge screen, a slimmer and taller profile including 5.8 Inch Display Screen with TouchID integrated into the screen.

The new leaks of Apple iPhone 8 are below.





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  1. No big difference if you ask my opinion. Anyways my opinion doesn't matter no matter how it looks people would always gonna buy this phone just because of it is name, it is a fashion like gold, diamond I mean like decoration and show off for flashy people.

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