Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Internet Connectivity On Your Smartphone

Internet, the most common term that is heard worldwide irrespective of the age and profession. In the present world, the use of internet has become quite common both in personal and professional life. It seems like the world is nothing without access to the Internet. As the Internet connectivity lets you perform a wide range of activities from a single point, thus reducing the hassle of moving around. With the smartphones being increasingly popular, the need for the Internet access on the smartphone has become mandatory. Nowadays it is getting more affordable.


From shopping to education, Internet access, especially on the Android smartphones, has become vital. It is quite important to have a speed internet connectivity to stay ahead of the competition. Considering the importance, here we have covered few tips and tricks that can boost up the speed of internet connectivity while working on Android smartphones.

Remove Unnecessary applications

No wonder! All those unnecessary apps on your mobile can affect the speed of the internet. At some point of time, we all have tried installing new apps and leave it unattended. These apps reduce the performance of the device as well as the internet connectivity. So, to boost up the internet performance, uninstall all those necessary apps and clear the cache memory. This will ensure better data connectivity thus enhancing the Internet speed.


Clear Your Cache

If you find your internet speed to be low then the first and foremost thing you need to check is the Cache data. Go to the privacy setting and clear all those cache data that is consuming memory and in turn reducing the internet speed.


Enable Maximum Data-Loading Option

Another effective technique to boost up the Internet speed is to enable the maximum data loading option. In the Android network settings, instead of GPRS transfer prefer, use the data to prefer option. This ensures to enable the maximum data loading option. Users can be sure of increase in the internet speed on the Android smartphones.

Select A Browser That Is Fast On Your Phone

In these recent days, we could find several number of browsers available. While browsing the internet, choose the browser that works faster on your handset. Choosing the right browser can definitely show the impact on the internet speed performance. Select the browser that gets regular performance upgrades and thus ensures to have a great browsing experience.


Monitor Network Settings

Before you start using the Internet, first know your phone settings especially the network settings. Optimize the phone network settings to avoid consistent lag in the internet speed. While most of the handsets have the automatic network selection, it is always better to set it manually.


Use Speed Boost Apps If Necessary

There are several apps on the Google Play store that are specifically designed to increase the internet speed. In case you feel it necessary, check for the secured apps and download the same to enhance speed on the internet on your smartphone.

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