Top 10 OnePlus 5T Tips and Tricks That You Must Know

OnePlus 5T, the new Android flagship of OnePlus 5 packs in huge features. Few features are well visible and notable. But there are some that many OnePlus 5T users are unaware of. Not to worry! You can master your OnePlus 5T with these Top 10 OnePlus 5T tips and tricks in UAE.


So, Let us start exploring these hidden features of OnePlus 5T

1. Customize your wall Paper

Normally the customization feature will be available to users in the setting Menu. But, in OnePlus 5T you can customize wallpaper with a long press on the home screen. Pick one of the awesome wallpapers available.


Another option is to curate the photographs taken in the device and make it as wallpaper. The “Shot on OnePlus” feature lets you curate the great pictures taken.

2. Customize screen buttons

With the OnePlus 5T settings App, the user can customize on-screen buttons. Just open the setting application, Settings -> Customizations -> Buttons. Now, you have various options to customize the screen buttons.


3. Customize Status bar

Customize status bar through this navigation. Settings -> Tap on Status bar -> Customize from different options available.


4. Lock the Face Unlock

To accommodate the 18:9 bezels-less display, the fingerprint scanner is moved back to rear end. Thus, the OnePlus 5T introduced the Face Unlock feature. This is one of the fast and excellent features that unlock the screen within a second.


However, there are some cases wherein you won’t even get time to look at the lock screen notifications. There is a special functionality that when enabled will unlock the phone and guides you to the lock screen instead of the home screen. Just swipe up to get an access.

5. Privacy setting

In order to improvise the user experience, OnePlus uses the general statistical data of your device. Just disable the privacy setting if you wish to have more privacy. Settings -> Advanced -> Join User experience program. Make sure this checkbox is disabled.


6. Using Parallel Applications

The parallel Apps feature lets you clone certain applications on your OnePlus device. Though few other manufacturers allow you to clone any app of your choice, OnePlus restricts it to only Social Media.


This is quite useful for the users having multiple social media accounts. The application allows the user to switch easily.

To enable, follow Settings -> Apps -> Parallel Apps

7. Make apps compatible with 18:9 Aspect ratio

With the ongoing trend of 18:9 aspect ratio, there includes few third-party applications that are not compatible with this display.


To change it to 18:9, Settings -> Apps -> Fullscreen Apps. Now change the ratio accordingly.

8. Make use of Reading Mode

With many colour shades rolling over the screen, it is quite difficult to read over the screen. The reading mode turns the device screen into Black and white thus ensuring convenience.


Settings -> Display-> Reading Mode

Enable the Reading mode to enhance the readability experience.

9. Enjoy Full-screen Video view

OnePlus 5T holds the excellent OLED screen with minimum bezels display. Some apps cutoff those unnecessary black box edges in the video, but few apps need an additional workout to get the full-screen view.


This, in turn, depends on which application you are using to view the video. Some apps just need a pinch out while others require a double tap.

10. Camera Tips

Few shots need immediate action. In such cases, going to the Camera application and clicking a shot may take a bit longer time. So, for the quick open of the camera app, just double-click on the power button. It works with all the latest Android smartphones.

How to go for camera settings? Swipe up in the black area and clock on the gear icon that appears on the top right side of the screen.


You can also shoot the picture in RAW format. To enable, swipe up on black area and choose Pro Mode. There is a raw button visible which needs to be enabled.

The above-specified tips and tricks of OnePlus 5T in UAE are not super advanced. But it will definitely make your experience with OnePlus 5T much easier, enjoyable and convenient.

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