Top 10 Upcoming Gadgets in 2018

2017 has been an astounding year. The world has seen some path-breaking advancements in the technological sphere. And the progress will continue in future which will make the planet a better place to live in.

In 2018 also we will get to see some cool gadgets with innovative technologies which will make lives simpler and better. Today we have brought you a list of groundbreaking gadgets which will get to witness in the upcoming year-

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus



In 2017 the Korean Company launched their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus which were well-liked by the people and now the multinational company is actively working on their next project Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Both the upcoming devices will be of two different sizes and will differ in some features as well. It is expected that smartphones will sport the dual camera feature like the Galaxy Note 8.

Some sources say that the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will perform on the robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Just like its predecessors, it is predicted that Samsung smartphones will be unveiled in April 2018.


2. Nokia 9


Nokia 9 is not just an ordinary smartphone it beyond that. The device is packed with terrific specs which makes it an outstanding smartphone. The Nokia 9 may flaunt curved edges which will give a glamorous look to the handset.

The metal bodied phone will be IP68 certified which means the device will be dust and water resistant. You will find that the flagship device is performing on the newest Android 8.0 Oreo.

When it comes to cameras, the Nokia 9 will sport the Carl Zeiss lens and also include the exclusive ‘bothie effect’. Undoubtedly the smartphone from the house of HMD Global will render smooth and zippy performance.


3. Lenovo Yoga X2


Lenovo is a renowned name in the world of gadgets. They also have a great line up of laptops. And in 2018 the Chinese Company is going to launch a highly sophisticated device that is Lenovo Yoga X2. It is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

The Lenovo Yoga X2 is a lightweight and slim bodied laptop cum tablet with a display of 13 inches and a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. The Yoga X2 renders a 2Tb Memory and runs on 8GB of RAM. The device is chipped by Intel i7 processor and with one time single charge it can work up to 11 hours.


4. Acer Swift 8


Acer had impressed us with the Swift 7 and in the forthcoming year, they are going to come up with Acer Swift 7. Along with good design, the predecessor offered top class performance.

The Acer Swift 8 sports a 13.3 inches display with 3200 x 1800 pixels. The laptop runs on an i7 Processor of the 6th generation. It includes a 2 TB Memory and 8 GB Memory with 10 hours of battery life.


5. Pentax KP


Are you still using your mobile camera for clicking? Then stop doing it right now and opt for Pentax KP. The lightweight camera holds a 24.3-megapixel lens with APS-C sensor which lets you capture brighter, clear and richer shots. Just click an object with your mobile camera and then with the Pentax KP. Then compare the two, automatically you will notice the difference.

The Pentax KP offers a great ISO range which is up to 819,200 which lets you click beautiful snaps even in dim light conditions. The black box can click seven frames per second and has a weather guard which not let you stop even during rain or snow.


6. Sony A9


Sony A9 just takes on to the sports photography to a whole new level. The Sony A9 can shoot 20 frames per second. Isn’t it great!

The lens of the camera is equipped with a lightning-fast autofocus which makes 60 adjustments per second to make sure the subject gets freezes in whichever action it is. The light weight camera is surely not going to disappoint you.


7. LG Urbane SmartWatch


In 2018 we will get to see LG Urbane SmartWatch whose attractive design will certainly make heads go turn around. The charming Urbane smartwatch will be available in two sparkling colors- sparkly Gold and sparkly Silver. The smartwatch will flaunt a 1.3 inches P-OLED round display and will perform smoothly.

The Urbane SmartWatch supports almost all the Android applications. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network. It is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. And the battery will easily take you through 48 hours.


8. Microsoft Surface Watch


Microsoft is going to make its debut in the world of smartwatches in 2018. The device is under testing and it is expected that they will come up an awesome smartwatch.

The Surface brand has got laptops, hybrids, and PVs under its name and the company is planning to come up with smartphones and smartwatches in the future. However, much of info is not available.

But according to some rumors, the Microsoft Surface Watch will have an Oxynitride Aluminum body which will be tougher than the normal metal.


9. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


In August 2017, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Note 8 and in 2018 the company will present its sequel- Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  It is too early to say anything about the successor model. But surely the Note 9 will include the signature style of the Samsung Note series the S-Pen. It is expected that the Note 9 will be rolled out in August 2018.


10. iPhone 11 



iPhone X is barely out and leaks and rumors have started floating for the follow-up model of the iPhone. Now an important question is whether we will get to see the iPhone X or the iPhone 11 in 2018?

According to rumor mills, in September 2018 we will get to see iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 will come up in an improved ‘avtaar’ with some additional groundbreaking features.

It is predicted that the screen in iPhone 11 will till the side-edges of the handset. The side wall screen will hold app icons, slide to unlock function, music player controls, message readout, caller ID, system controls and more.

Ming-Chi Kuo the popular analyst has predicted that Apple may continue with the controversial feature of Face ID. Even the iPhone 11 will be charged by the wireless charger but this time the range will be more than the current iPhone X.

Still, two months are left for 2017 to get over and gadget freaks can’t keep calm as they are very excited for the upcoming year. As 2018 is packed with mind-blowing gadgets.

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