Top 10 websites which will make you a genius!

Whatever we want to know the internet provides us all. It is a knowledge hub. There are innumerable websites which provide different kinds of information. So at times instead of watching TV or simply browsing the web, you can go through these websites which will impart knowledge thus making you smarter.


We have listed the top 10 websites from which you can learn new things which will further help you to enhance your skills at work and also make you learn new things which you have never come across before. If you have an inquisitive mind then surely go through the listed websites below-



1. Wikipedia


Wikipedia is a popular free website where you will get all information about anything. And the best part is the readers and viewers are free to edit the content found in Wikipedia.

2. Thesaurus


Thesaurus helps us to improve our vocabulary and speaking skills too. It provides synonyms for articles and essays which we all need in our day to day lives.



3.Khan Academy


Learning is made easy by Khan Academy which provides you a wide range of subjects and teaches through videos. This helps you to practice and keep track of your topics which are learned. You can also learn and understand new from your daily life studies.

4. Quora


Quora is a platform where your questions are answered by users. If you are smart enough to answer it or want to be smart then read out the answers from smart people. And can learn many new things from Quora.


 5. Unplug the TV


Instead of watching television watch the website Unplug the TV. There you will get many new videos to watch which will refresh your mind and learn new things.



6. Duolingo


Duolingo lets you enhance your language skills through various kinds of games. It renders college style education free of cost. If you want to try more language learning sites then you can try BBC Languages which gives you BBC platform for interactive TV shows, programs and much more.


7. Brain Pump


Learn something new and entertain yourself by watching the videos related to the subjects like Chemistry, History, Physics and many other subjects at Brain Pump. It's a platform where you will explore new topics and also get entertained.



8. Mental Floss


Mental Floss is the international media house that offers smart, curious content which will improve your expertise in various fields of Science to Pop Culture to Tech to History.



9. Brain Pickings


Brain Pickings educates on subjects like anthropology, technology, history, psychology. The website may look complicated but within few minutes you will be used to it and get engaged.

10. Drawspace



Drawspace is the best place to learn drawing because it teaches how to draw in the easiest way. It provides some great ideas which help you to draw in seconds.


As you finish reading, visit the above-mentioned websites and learn new things every day which will make your life better. We should always keep exploring new ideas which will eventually upgrade our personalities.


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