Top 10 Weird And Amazing World Records Of UAE

When it comes to setting world records, UAE secures the top position with its unusual achievements. To be specific, UAE has sealed around 186 records till date. Of all the places, Dubai lone boasts of securing the maximum Guinness World Records (139),  including the Tallest Hotel, Tallest Structure In The World (Burj Khalifa), Largest Mall in The World (Dubai Mall), Longest Driverless Metro Lines, World's Tallest Twisted Tower (Cayan Tower) and many others. However, these world records are pretty famous and we are very much aware of it. So on our blog today, we will discuss the top 10 quirky yet magnificent world records in UAE which will definitely leave you spellbound.


  1. Largest Gathering Of People With Same First Name

The crowd included 1,096 people, to be precise. Yes, that's true. But there is a catch. We are not exactly talking about names like Zakir, Ajay, Hussain or anything else. The gathering was congregated by people with the name Mohammed. The record was secured during a Dubai Shopping Festival on February 10, 2005.


  1. Largest Number Of People Polishing Silver In Abu Dhabi

Around 325 people gathered at the Crowne Plaza in Abu Dhabi and achieved a record of simultaneously polishing silver. Along with that, the Capital city also holds a record of 3,929 people wearing helmets. Okay, that's definitely weird but it is UAE!

  1. People Of Max Nationalities Washing Their Hands Together

To be precise, people of 72 nationalities comprising around 200 participants came forward to celebrate Global Handwashing Day in Dubai on October 10, 2012. Though the celebration could sound slightly silly but the occasion definitely marks the congregation of people across the globe including Ukraine, Estonia, Bolivia, Palestine, Malawi, Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Zimbabwe, irrespective of any cultural barrier.



  1. An Entire Dubai Airport Structure With Date Seeds

Can you believe it?  The biggest Dubai Airport model made with date seeds! This could seriously match up to the weird record list, but when it comes to UAE anything is possible. And anyway, we find this kinda cool. What say!

  1. Maximum Brands Ads On Single Billboard

Being a hub of all top brands we all know how grand the promotions of products are across UAE. So you can imagine what could be the size of the billboard if it housed 1,233 advertisements! The billboard was of 100m x 10m structure and the revenue collected was contributed to the Dubai Autism Centre.


  1. Bulk Of Sand Moved Using A Teaspoon In 30 Seconds

This record was hurled by a Pakistan nationalist, who decided to let go of all the construction equipment including bulldozers, and took the labor of moving the maximum amount of sand in just 30 seconds with a teaspoon!  The man, Majid Mohammad, could move 194 milliliters of sand with a spoon securing Guinness World Records Pavilion in Global Village on January 30, 2009. Wow!

  1. Longest Row Of Sandwiches

Okay, now that sounds a great news for a food-a-holic. But, 11,000 sandwiches could be slightly beyond the appetite limits (pun)! We are talking about a 2,667.13m line of sandwiches which was created by the Kraft Foods Middle East and Africa in Dubai Outlet Mall on September 7, 2010. The best part about this is the sandwiches were later packed and distributed to the labor camps.


  1. World's Most Expensive Tyre Sold For 2.2 Mn Dirham

Yes, the figure is difficult to digest but it is true. Now the first question that pops in our head is what is the tyre made of to charge that huge? Let us clear your doubt. We are not talking about any random tyre made of rubber. Here we have a set of four tyres embedded with precious stones and diamonds along with a 3D-printed white gold casing. That's not all. The tyres are also coated with 24-carat gold leaf. Now the price definitely fits in for these wheel of fortune. The amount was later donated to charity. Now that's indeed a noble step!


  1. Greeting Card With Max Contributions

This happened on the UAE National Day when the Dubai police organized an event where around 13,288 locals signed on a huge greeting card to mark the occasion in Dubai in 2015. Don't know what objective to derive from it but definitely is strange!


  1. World's Fastest Police Car

More than weird, this sounds rather exciting! Can you imagine cops driving around the City with the world's fastest car, Bugatti Veyron! This record was acquired by Dubai police, who owned the world's fastest police car with a speed limit of 407km/ph. This couldn't have got better right?


Okay even though we have no idea what exactly is the purpose behind striving for these world records, but UAE definitely never fails to amaze us with its creativity. And anyway the more strange it is, the more attention it grabs! Right?

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