Top 5 Best 4K Monitors to Buy in 2018

acing trouble to choose the perfect 4K Monitor? Then you are at the right place. 4K Monitors enhance the user experience while delivering the high-definition graphics. n these recent years, 4K monitors offer a wide range of tempting choices. Unlike computer purchase, there include several factors that need to be considered while purchasing a 4K monitor.


In order to help you to Whittle down your choice of the 4K monitors, we listed our Top 5 Best 4K Monitors in UAE. Whether you are using the monitor for gaming, business application, for graphics editing or for regular use, these monitors will be your best choice that satisfies your needs.

  1. HP Spectre 32-Inch

Despite the old model, HP Spectre 32-Inches 4K studio display LED-Lit monitor leads the competition. The monitor offers 3840 X 2160 Pixels screen resolution which is four times higher than Full HD 1080p monitor. It sports built-in speaker with an immersive stereo sound that ensures great audio experience.


It is ideal for animations and even the 3D applications. The 4K monitor performs better even on heavy workloads. The bonus remote control that comes in with the HP Spectre monitor ensures quick and easy access to the settings.

2. Eizo ColorEdge CG318

The best monitor that offers outstanding picture quality. Despite the higher price tag, the Eizo Color Edge CG318 tops the list. This 4K display is best for the professional photographers. It is often seen in the video production studios. It offers the highest resolution at 4096 X 2160 pixels.


The monitor further supports 10-bit colour and offers 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. All these features immersed in the monitor result in the most creative jaw-dropping image. There includes a built-in calibration tool that maintains the ensure colour accuracy.

3. Dell Ultrasharp UP3216Q

Here is a monitor that serves well for the official purposes. If you are looking for the monitor to serve office requirement then Dell Ultrasharp UP3216Q will be the best option. It holds in huge features that offers incredible 4K performance. The 31-.5 inches monitor with a simple and durable design carries an affordable price tag that makes it a perfect choice. It is even an ideal choice for gamers.


The Dell Ultrasharp UP3216Q is well known for its ultra high definition images and offers wide spectrum coverage. It is featured with factory calibration which allows amazing colour accuracy. The availability of huge connectivity options makes it more convenient to manage external devices.

4. ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ

Gaming monitors with 4K ultra HD display have become most popular these days. The ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ is one such gaming monitor which is the best option for those who prefer 16:9 ratio. The 27-inches IPS panel is capable of delivering superior colour resolution with gorgeous 4K picture quality.


The inbuilt Nvidia G-Sync technology enhances the user gaming experience by synchronizing the display with the graphics card. The various connectivity options include DisplayPort, dual USB 3.0 port, HDMI 1.4 and the Audio I/O.

5. Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

The big 40-inches monitor with an incredible display. It works on VA-IPS panel technology and offers a good contrast with brightness. The menu is controlled using a joystick placed at the rear end. The Philips Brilliance BDM4065U VA panel nearly covers the sRGB colour space.

bdm4065uc-front-onAnother interesting aspect with the monitor is its contrast ratio which ensures more lifelike pictures. The outstanding contrast ratio along with the great colour accuracy make it into the list of Top 5 Best 4K monitors in UAE.

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