Top 5 Best Android launchers of 2017

The Android operating system is mostly liked by the people because of its user-friendliness. If you want to change the way your home screen looks you can go for the various Android Launcher apps which will provide you with many useful features.

We have brought you top five Android Launchers which you will certainly like and by the time you finish reading this article, you must have downloaded any one of the apps.

Flick Launcher


Flick Launcher is a brand new app which has not yet been released officially. It is publicly available. Once you download this app you will get many Oreo and Nougat features even if you are using an older version of Android.

The app is still under development. It renders Android Oreo style app shortcuts, notification dots, pull-up app drawer. There are many more features which will give you an enriched user experience. You just have to wait for some more time until it becomes official.


Nova Launcher


If you want a whole new look for your smartphone then just download Nova Launcher and then sit back and relax. It is one of the best. It offers many customization options and the team behind Nova Launcher constantly adds new features to get great results. You will get all the exclusive features of Android and Oreo in the older version of Android OS.


Action Launcher


Action Launcher is another pretty good Android Launcher which is quite swift and offers many useful features. The app will allow you to swipe up from an icon to pull out a real widget without keeping it on the home screen. The QuickBar can be personalized with apps and shortcuts of your choice.

Action Launcher comprises of some exclusive features which Nova doesn’t have. You can never go wrong with Action Launcher on your Android device.


Evie Launcher


Evie Launcher is quite easy to use and also gives you an iOS-style experience. You can do the searches directly from the home screen either from the search bar widget or by swiping down. This helps the user to find apps or contacts quickly. The Evie launcher also offers features from the latest Android OS which includes a swipe-up app drawer and notification badges.


ASAP Launcher


Just by the name, it is understood that this app works quick. The home screen is based on cards which cover the whole page of the home screen. It can be personalized to show things like calendar events, contacts, to-do lists, and others. You are free to reach to apps with the search bar by pulling it from the left bezel. The quick toggle bar can be accessed by swiping in from the right bezel.


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