Top 5 Best Digital Compact Cameras for 2018

Looking for the guide to suggest you the 5 best digital compact cameras for 2018? Then you are at the right place. With the compact camera market changed enormously in these few years, there are plenty of features that are included. Of course, even the as-called advanced cameras in smartphones will also be not able to do so. There was huge digital compact camera release over recent years. So, we made your job easier by listing out the best digital compact cameras in UAE. All of these models offer something more than the regular smartphone. It can be either the optical zoom, manual controls or sensors. So, this list of the best digital compact camera in Dubai may include the perfect camera that you are in search of.


Panasonic TZ100/ZS100

This best digital camera is given a 1-inch sensor with 10X optical zoom and a large aperture range. If you are looking for the top quality images with decent aperture range, here is the Panasonic TZ100/ZS100 that matches your needs. These cameras are built especially for the travelers looking for the compact camera with large zoom lenses.


The sensor almost boasts 4 times higher surface area than its predecessors thus delivering superior quality images even in dim light conditions. It is further featured with a built-in electronic viewfinder with an eye-sensor. Moreover, since the three generations of the TZ/ZS series, now this model has a 3-inches touch sensitive screen panel. The screen further supports few 4K shooting modes, menu selection, meter exposure, and can be used for focusing.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

The Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II is one of those ultra compact cameras offering 1-inch CMOS sensor with a touch-screen based interface. Thanks to the DIGIC 7 processor, that solved many of those performance related issues such as continuous shooting capability and battery longevity. Now, with this processor, the burst rate is now faster, and the battery life is even improved.


There is a huge increase in the continuous shooting rate, which is now 8.2fps. The 20.1MP CMOS sensor is similar to the one in Sony’s RX100 III. As you did expect, the Canon camera offers huge connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. You can connect the camera to the smart device using Canon camera Connect App. Along with this, Canon is even planning to launch other Canon cameras in UAE.

Fujifilm X100F

Are you an enthusiastic photographer? Then there is nothing better than Fujifilm X100F. This best quality camera offers fixed lens unlike other that feature zoom. The large APS-C 24.3MP sensor delivers cracking results. Furthermore, it includes a unique hybrid viewfinder and has a gorgeous design and build. The fixed 35mm equivalent lens work along with X-processor pro engine to deliver super quality images especially in low light.


In order to get the best out of it, then definitely you need to have enough hands-on experience operating the digital camera. It is one of those expensive options offering retro design, large APS-C fixed sensor, and unique hybrid viewfinder. The expanded sensitivity range along with the improved autofocus supports to offer high-end compact camera experience than ever.

Sony RX100 V

If you want to experience best image quality with a pocket-size digital camera, then Sony RX-100V would be a perfect choice. Both in terms of performance and affordability, the RX100 V is the better option. The advanced technology included make it an innovative choice and it also includes a 3X optical zoom thus putting off ahead of many models.


As for the optical performance, the camera offers a 20.1MP sensor that can shoot images at 24fps with continuous autofocus and auto exposure. It also holds the capability to record 4K videos. The Sony RX100 V is further given an inbuilt electronic viewfinder which other camera lack in. Though it is a bit pricey option, the quality zoom lens included making it a versatile choice for the compact cameras.

Leica Q (Type 116)

This is the camera that you have been waiting for! The Leica Q compact camera frame is of magnesium alloy with an aluminum plate on the top. This fixed lens compact camera packs in 24MP full-frame sensor with an autofocus system. Additionally, it comes in with high-resolution electronic viewfinder and a touch-sensitive screen. Two most important features of the Leica Q are its fast wide-angle lens and the full-frame image sensor.


The camera lens includes two control wheels. One for the aperture and other for the manual focus. As for the performance, the burst performance is quite impressive and focus performance is surprisingly amazing. It uses the pure contrast detection system to monitor the contrast and to read out the areas that need sharp focus.

Several manufacturers are looking forward to launch the feature-rich camera in 2018. You can even check the details of the upcoming DSLR cameras in Dubai.

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